Calendars are effective tools to keep your brand or message in front of your customers month after month. Calendars give more importance to design than text. They usually showcase one month at a time along with your choice of image or message.

We also offer calendars with an optional hole to make them easy to hang. Several different types of calendars exist, if you've heard of it then we can certainly create it! Hit us up and we'll hook it up.

Commonly preferred order options are 12" x 12" (finished size) on 100# Gloss Text weight paper with 100# Gloss Cover stock for the cover. Calendars are usually printed in full colour on both sides (4/4) and are coated AQ 2 Sides throughout.

For more information, please call your closest Sherwood location or request a quote below.

Calendars are perfect gifts or merchandise items for customers to remind them of your business or message each month. Advertisements, images, or other helpful information present in these calendars engage customers as the year rolls on. Use calendars to keep focus on your message and build excitement about products or special events. When the customer turns the page over at the end of each month, they look forward to seeing something new.

Our experts suggest adding a QR code to your design to link directly to additional online information. This can be a better way to provide more detail instead of cramming lots of detail in your Calendars. You may want to include a performance worksheet or a link to an online video, or even your seminar's schedule. QR codes are linked to an online information site. This ensures that you can change the online information without the need to reprint the QR code.

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