Door Hangers


Door Hangers are quite similar to flyers. They usually have a 1.25" diameter circle cut out with a slit. This allows them to hang on a doorknob. They are effective in guerrilla marketing campaigns as they almost always guarantee customer interaction.

Common order options are 4.25" x 11" on 95# Gloss Cover stock. Door Hangers are mostly printed in full colour on both sides (4/4) and are coated AQ 2 Sides for a degree of moisture protection. However, there are several different stock and size options from the standard to oversize. Please contact the location nearest to you for more details.

Door Hangers can be used to create awareness of campaigns, spread messages through a desired area. Restaurant delivery menus, advertising services and products, and political campaigns are some common uses of door hangers. It is hard for people to miss a hanger on the door when they come home, so this is a high-visibility marketing solution. Door Hangers often provide discounts, coupons, or special offers.

Our experts suggest adding a QR code to your design to link directly to additional online information. This can be a better way to provide more detail instead of cramming lots of detail in your Door Hangers. You may want to include a performance worksheet or a link to an online video, or even your seminar's schedule. QR codes are linked to an online information site. This ensures that you can change the online information without the need to reprint the QR code.

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