LED Signs


LED Signs are extremely effective marketing tools. Use their bright lights to do the talking for you as customers pass by. Showcase special offers and list your services to outsiders in order to invite them in. You can also create a sign with scrolling messages or with specific words to highlight. This is an excellent way to attract new customers to your store!

LED Signs come one colour (red) or multicoloured.

The size of the sign will depend on where your audience will typically be viewing it. With a lot of foot traffic in front of your store, the sign should be a maximum size of 2 feet and will require more detail. If the LED Sign looks onto a parking lot or road, it will need to be large enough to be read from far away.

LED Signs not only tell customers that you are open for business, but also what kind of business and special services you provide. Draw customers in by promoting a specialty service or advertising specials. With this type of display, you have the ability to update your messages as often as you like. Give the customer a reason to come in your store today!