Roll Labels

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Roll Labels are printed in full colour on the front side of adhesive-backed synthetic stock and mounted on a roll of carrier material with easy release. They are available in circle, oval, rectangle, and square with optional rounded corners. Our Roll Labels can be printed on either outdoor or indoor stocks to ensure maximum durability. Since they come on a roll, Roll Labels take up minimal office space.

The most preferred order options are rectangles with round corners in a size to meet the need of your message on White Vinyl (outdoor use). They are printed in full colour on the front (4/0).

For Bumper Stickers, please check out our Bumper Stickers page.

Roll Labels are an easy way to add a distinct design to help establish your brand and clearly state the features of a product. They are great for customizing an otherwise generic item. Labels are also a helpful branding and organizing tool. Use our labels to tell your customers what the product is about, how they can use it, or why they would want it.

Additionally, Roll Labels make great stickers for people to buy as keepsakes or to show off their interests.