Retractable Banners - No Display


Retractable Banners are printed in full colour on one side on synthetic 12 mm White Block-out Banner material. Retractable Banner displays are designed to hold one banner at a time as a stand and rolled for storage.

Our display stands accommodate retractable banners from 24" x 34" to 33" x 80". If you are ordering a Banner for other retractable display stands, please confirm the size before you make an order. A part of the Banner bottom will remain hidden in the display base. Ours hides the bottom 6".

Note: Due to varied size ranges of the format products, there are extra file setup considerations. Proofs are typically shown half size. For more information, please call a Sherwood representative in any of our 8 locations available in the GTA.

The most preferred options are 33" x 78" and printed on 12 mm White Block-out Banner. Retractable Banners are usually printed in full colour on the front with no printing on the back (4/0).

Retractable Banners are used in any place where you would like to display large format freestanding graphics. They are most often used where mobility is a key consideration, such as trade shows, seminars, and presentations. Retractable Banners are also a good idea if you would like to move them around within your business environment. Consider using them for storefront displays to showcase a new product or special. Our Banners exhibit a wide color gamut, so they are great for colourful graphics. Banner displays or stands are designed so that the Banner can be easily changed. This product is for people who already have one or more stands and would like replacement Banners because it does not include a display stand.

Ask one of our representatives about QR code to increase customer retention and recall value.

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