Vehicle Decals


Vehicle Decals are commonly used on hoods, trunk lids, doors, and fenders. They are adhesive-backed and printed in full colour on one side of 2.1 mm Gloss White Complex Curve synthetic substrate. They are laminated for longer protection. This material is designed for vehicle decals and will give you excellent results. The substrate includes tiny air channels for smooth and convenient application.


Due to varied potential size range of products, there are extra file settings to be considered. Proofs are typically shown in half size. For other details, please contact a Sherwood representative in any of our 8 locations across the GTA.

There is no typical size for Vehicle Decals because vehicles come in such a variety of sizes and types. They print on 2.1 mm Gloss White Complex Curve with air channels for easy application in full colour on the front with no printing on the back (4/0) and are over-laminated 1.5 mm Cast Gloss Lamination.

Imagine getting your message out at every red light and on every freeway where you drive. Vehicle Decals are a truly mobile and highly visible marketing solution. It's a smart strategy for spreading brand or product awareness within a fairly close proximity to your business or home. Typical applications include cars, trucks, delivery vans, and semis. Don't let space go to waste. They're your vehicles, so advertise on them!