Yard Sign Stakes


Yard Sign Stakes are particularly designed for use with our 4 mm corrugated plastic yard signs. These stakes slide into the plastic corrugated flutes of the material. Yard signs must have the flutes oriented vertically for Stakes to work as expected.

H-Wire Stakes are 10" wide by 30" high (for a sign that sits 14" above the ground when Stakes are fully inserted) and constructed from 9-gauge galvanized steel. They will hold a sign stable, though they are preferred only for one-time use. The bottom rung of the H-Wire increases stability and may also be used to assist when inserting the stake into the ground.

Beefy Stakes are made from a titanium by-product, so they are sturdier than H-Wire Stakes. Two beefy stakes are necessary to support a sign, though signs wider than 24" will likely require 3 stakes, while signs wider than 36" may require 4.

Yard Sign Stakes are designed to support our yard signs. They are a helpful tool to ensure your yard signs stay in the locations of your choosing and get seen. Without Yard Sign Stakes, you will need to find another solution to display your yard signs.

Yards signs are great lead generators. The key is to place a lot of them in the best possible places and have a great follow-up system to really bring it home so that viewers respond to your yard sign advertisement.